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EE benefits

Employee Benefits | Medical | Dental | Vision | Life | Disability | HRIS | Compliance | Payroll | and more

Our mission is to provide a single source, turn-key solution that simplifies employee engagement, handling of payroll, ben-admin, and compliance, all in one place. We look at your current solutions and see how they can be streamlined, and fill in any gaps. The end result is redundancies elimination, re-allocation of resources, and in many cases, increase in profits, simply by working with us.

Lacroix Benefits delivers integrated consulting solutions to help clients with employee benefits, human resources, compensation, communication and management consulting through over 1500 colleagues worldwide. Lacroix Benefits provides specialized services for various industry sectors, including hospitality, healthcare, technology, pharmaceuticals, retail, manufacturing, financial services and public sector. Our services help companies of all sizes to attract and retain top talent and improve performance.

Our Approach

At Lacroix Benefits, we do not view ourselves as purely a consultant or purely a broker. We deliver effective consulting and brokerage services as part of our standard package of services with complete continuity between our consulting and brokerage efforts. Our depth and breadth in consulting services, experiences with other clients and efficiencies in managing client relationships are critical ingredients to realizing your objectives.

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Strategy Development

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Creating a viable employee benefits strategy is a business imperative. Employers need to take specific actions to support and influence a healthy, present, and productive workforce. Lacroix Benefits has worked with many organizations across North America to develop and execute active health and welfare benefit strategies. We recognize that helping a client with its strategy is not a “one size fits all” approach; the strategy development process is flexible and will be tailored to meet your needs.


Lacroix Benefits strategy development process identifies the current state of benefit plans, creates benefit plan guiding principles and formulates a strategy to implement the desired plan changes in a measurable fashion. We design strategies that align with our clients’ business objectives. Lacroix Benefits helps clients achieve better health and financial results by managing the cost of care and coverage and applying new, leading-edge design approaches.

Healthcare Reform

Regardless of what path you’re on, employers need a viable plan to comply with Health Care Reform. Utilizing our Health Care Reform knowledge and resources, Lacroix Benefits can assist you in creating a fiscally sustainable Health Care Reform strategy. Key strategy points as part of an overall strategy to contain costs and comply with Health Care Reform include financial impacts, employee perceptions and disruption, as well as wellness and disease management.

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Health Care Data Analytics

Health Care data analytics.png

Lacroix Benefits can mine health plan data to ensure that your employees achieve their wellness potential by providing the necessary measurement, analysis, reporting, modelling and alerts to implement a value-based benefit design strategy. This approach enables companies to improve the productivity and wellness of their workforce, while reducing health care costs through consistent data analysis.

Convert Your Health Care Data into an Actionable Plan with Measurable Results

Compliance and Regulatory Support

HR Service is a web-based tool that provides information and guidance to assist you in maintaining regulatory compliance. Federal laws, updated forms, and notices, are aggregated into one, easy-to-navigate website that pushes out email alerts when a compliance task is due.

Compliance Dashboard solves the four most common compliance issues:

  • Where to find the needed compliance information

  • What do to do with the information

  • How to ensure compliance efforts are tracked

  • How to document compliance efforts

Employee Communication

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A well-developed communication effort will ensure that employees understand the value of the benefits offered and receive consistent messages, making them aware of what benefits are available and how they work. Lacroix Benefits will assist in implementing a customized employee communication campaign utilizing a variety of print and electronic mediums.

Employee Advocacy Services

Advocacy is an increasingly important component of health management. Lacroix Benefits advocacy services focus on assisting employees with navigating the health care system and removing barriers for access to care. Common types of issues include access to care hampered by plan administrative difficulties, provider noncompliance with plan requirements, claim issues with incorrect denials, incorrect payments, balance billing, annual enrollment issues, late report qualified status changes, and dependent eligibility. Advocacy services can significantly reduce the use of your internal HR resources invested in resolving these issues while fostering self-service and providing high-touch assistance to your employees.

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Specializing in Employee Benefits, Individual Health and Life, International, and peace of mind.


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